Spa Ball Multi and DVD

Use these dementia exercise activities to promote overall well-being and mobility at home or in your care facility.

Spa Balls DVDThe variety of exercise balls, and accompanying DVD offer a choice of gentle resistance and sensory workouts suitable for all abilities.

People with dementia can benefit from a regular program of seated exercise sessions which can have a significantly positive impact on overall well-being. Gentle exercise can help the journey of dementia by helping to improve self-sufficiency, self-confidence and cognition and build or maintain muscle strength and balance, helping those with dementia maintain independence for longer.


How It Works and Key Benefits

The Spa Balls Multi Pack contains five tactile balls designed to help improve dexterity, co-ordination and mobility. Through gentle resistance work and simple ball games these balls are a great tool to keep people in the later stages of dementia active and healthy.

To help you to get the best out of these great exercise aids, we also offer a separate Spa Ball DVD which offers an easy to follow workout – click here to find out more.

Pack Contains:

  • Spa Ball
  • A soft inflatable ball, great for gentle resistance work, ball games and promoting movement. Diameter 18-22cm
  • Mini Spa Ball
  • Firm but tactile ball, brilliant for sensory work and promoting co-ordination skills. Diameter 10cm
  • Massage Ball
  • A firm spiky ball, perfect for giving hand and foot massages while improving mobility. Diameter 7cm
  • Massage Roller
  • Roller with soft spiky surface, great for foot massages and improving circulation through gentle leg movement. Dimensions 6-15cm
  • Stress Ball
  • A soft, textured memory foam ball, perfect for improving dexterity, co-ordination skills and mobility. Diameter 6.3cm

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