Therapeutic Groupwork for People with Cognitive Losses: Working with People with Dementia

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This book is an excellent resource for staff of all units caring for people with cognitive losses, such as day centres and day hospitals, residential and nursing homes, and for trainees and students of nursing, social work and occupational therapy.

Focusing on developing a therapeutic relationship in a group setting and on improving the quality of life for those with cognitive loss, this practical manual:

  • Provides a framework – based on theory, clinical experience and research – within which effective groups can be run for people with cognitive losses
  • Contains hands-on advice on how to plan, prepare, run and evaluate group sessions. This resource will develop your understanding of working with groups, what makes them effective, and the skills needed for group leadership
  • Enables you to translate clients’ interests and needs into possible sessions and to evaluate whether individual or groupwork would be more appropriate
  • Includes groups for people with mild to severe cognitive loss, as well as the various types of sessions, such as those concerned with the present (eg, problem-solving), the past (eg, reminiscence), and the practical (eg, craft and music).

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