Lotus Pond DVD

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Sit back and relax with one of the most soothing and mediative DVD’s you will find. Imagine yourself sitting by tranquil ponds full of beautiful flowers and fish. Surround yourself with lush tropical plants and enjoy the calming sounds of nature or relaxing oriental ambient music.

On the Lotus Pond DVD you’ll find 2 films of pure calmness, with slowly changing scenes set to specially composed music with an oriental tint, by talented artist Denise Young. Relax whilst slowly-moving Koi fish swim around in beautifully designed lotus ponds and see close up shots of water flowers backed by gentle fountains or small waterfalls. For an even more mediative experience, select our second film with peaceful images of Buddhism-inspired water features and dreamlike scenes of floating lotus flowers. Enjoy softly-toned images and serene scenes of ponds full of fish and surrounded by vivid tropical flowers. Both films can be viewed with music or relaxing natural sounds.

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