I.T. as an activity for people with dementia

Using computers as part of activity programmes for people with dementia can be extremely rewarding.

Many people feel that computers and people with dementia don’t mix. However computers and other digital gadgets such as cameras and phones are part of our lives and so it is important that people with dementia engage with these IT driven activities. This book demystifies the use of computers and other information technologies and provides a multitude of ideas and case-studies demonstrating how IT can be used effectively.

Using computers in a variety of ways with people with dementia is extremely rewarding and benefits individuals, staff and family members. Based on real experiences this book is designed to inspire people working in any dementia service. It discusses why this is important, the multitude of uses and the practicalities of introducing I.T. activities.

  • Recording people’s lives – digital life story books; diary
  • Making things – calendars; photo albums; reminders
  • Helping with conversations – word finding; topics
  • Communicating with friends (email; Skype, social networking/discussion forums)
  • Helping with planning – personal planning; care plans; using services.

Suitable for care workers and managers, occupational and speech language therapists, specialist activity works and volunteers working people’s homes, in day care, voluntary organisations or care homes.

This wonderful resource contains an A4 wire-o-bound book plus a CD.

“We Can Do I.T too” is available now from the ZEST Store!