Carinya Robot Seal Appeal

Carinya Home for the Aged in Atherton is using an innovative approach to purchase PARO, the Therapeutic Robot for their Centre. Chris Bourke (Activities Coordinator) and the dedicated staff from Carinya held a launch night recently to kick off the fund raising project. Carinya currently is using PARO on trial made available from ZEST Dementia & Aged Care (Australia’s leading organisation for activity resources).

To donate or for further information go to the PARO project page here.

For more information about PARO or how you can participate in the free trial please contact ZEST Dementia & Aged Care!

L-R Volunteer Pat ; Staff Activity Coordinator Leesa Hart; Chris Bourke; Volunteer Lyn; Assistant Nurse Kym Edgerton & Assistant Nurse Wil Hendrikx (who got it started).

PARO is an advanced interactive robot which provides psychological and social effects through physical interaction. PARO is designed to look like a baby seal and not only imitates animal behaviour but also responds to light, sound, temperature, touch and posture, and over time develops its own character. As a result, PARO becomes a “living” cherished pet that provides relaxation, entertainment, and companionship to the owner and is perfect for those who cannot take care of real animals. PARO can either be purchased outright or leased by the month from ZEST Dementia & Aged Care (Australia’s leading organisation for activity resources).