An Evidence-based Group Programme in Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

A new resource “Making a Difference 2: An Evidence-based Group Programme to Offer Maintenance Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) to People with Dementia” is now available in our ZEST Store.

This cognitive stimulation therapy (CST) manual is for people who want to make a difference to the quality of life of the people with dementia they are working with. It builds on the popularity and success of CST by offering 24 carefully researched group sessions which can be used in care homes, day care centres, hospitals and community settings. CST will:

  • Stimulate people’s minds to be more active and engaged
  • Encourage new ideas, thoughts and associations
  • Help orientate people
  • Focus on people’s strengths
  • Use reminiscence sensitively
  • Provide triggers and prompts to help concentration and recall
  • Offer reassuring continuity and consistence from session to session
  • Stimulate language and executive functioning skills
  • Encourage person-centred care, respect and involvement
  • Promote choice, relationship building and fun…

…all with the purpose of maximising each persons potential.

The manual comes with a new DVD showing filmed examples of sessions with leaders and people with dementia. This will be a particular benefit to those who are new to this approach.

Visit out ZEST Store now to purchase a copy of Making a Difference 2 now!