Alzheimer’s toll may rank with cancer, heart disease

This article produced by CNN examines how Alzheimer’s disease figures may have been understated by as much as six times. (CNN)–Alzheimer’s disease ravages the brain, robbing its victims not only of their memories but often their ability to do things as basic as swallowing. Now, a study of aging patients suggests its true toll may […]

Octaband and Dance Therapy with People with Dementia

Written by Donna Newman-Bluestein. Six months after leaving my previous position as a dance/movement therapist with the elderly with dementia, I am enjoying the opportunity of bringing dance therapy into sites which have not previously had it. Why every site for folks with dementia doesn’t have a dance therapist is truly beyond me! People seem to […]

Robots in Dementia Care

Professor Wendy Moyle discusses the role of robots in dementia care, particularly the use of companion robots, which her research suggests have the potential to improve mood and quality of life of people with dementia. As a child I would run and hide behind the sofa whenever Dr Who came on television. Even though Dr Who fascinated me, the sound, look […]

Sundance film highlights power of music on patients with Alzheimer’s

Music & Memory founder Dan Cohen distributes donated iPods to nursing homes, bringing dementia patients a sense of calm and igniting buried memories. It’s helped lower the amount of antipsychotic drugs administered at nursing homes and brings patience peace, he said. A new film, ‘Alive Inside,’ tells their story. A scene from ‘Alive Inside,’ which […]

Spa Ball Multi and DVD

Use these dementia exercise activities to promote overall well-being and mobility at home or in your care facility. The variety of exercise balls, and accompanying DVD offer a choice of gentle resistance and sensory workouts suitable for all abilities. People with dementia can benefit from a regular program of seated exercise sessions which can have a significantly […]

Study: At-Home Test Can Spot Early Alzheimer’s

The Self-Administered Gerocognitive Examination (SAGE test), which takes less than 15 minutes to complete, is a reliable tool for evaluating cognitive abilities. Findings by researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center confirming the feasibility and efficiency of the tool for community screening large numbers of people are published in the January issue of […]

Vitamin E Improves Function in Mild Alzheimer’s Disease

For patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer disease (AD), 2000 IU of vitamin E daily slows functional decline and reduces caregiver burden, according to results of a large randomized controlled trial. “Previous guidelines had recommended vitamin E for those with moderately severe dementia, but hesitation grew based on several unrelated studies,” Mary Sano, PhD, director, […]

Happy New Year !!

ZEST Dementia & Aged Care wishes all of our friends and followers a very happy and safe New Year. In 2014, we’re looking forward to bringing you Australia’s largest and most diverse variety of activities and resources for people living with dementia. Plus the latest in News and Research from around the world. Best Regards The ZEST […]

Christmas DVD: Music Through Life (Music Therapy for Seniors)

Music Through Life has released a fabulous DVD which brings therapeutic music to the person with memory loss. Each DVD session is led by an experienced music therapist to allow reminiscing, singing, and discussion on a particular theme of everyday life.  Two formats are included on each DVD: An interactive format for when a facilitator is available to lead, with the included […]

Exercise significantly reduces the risk of dementia: Cardiff University Research

A study which monitored the health habits of 2,235 men over a 35-year period has found that exercise significantly reduces the risk of dementia. Published today in the PLOS One journal by researchers from Cardiff University, the study is the longest of its kind to probe the influence of environmental factors in chronic disease. The study identifies […]